Industry Information

  • When the air spring works, the inner cavity is filled with compressed air to form a column of compressed air.  With the increase of the vibration load, the height of the spring decreases, the volume of the inner cavity decreases, the stiffness of the spring increases, the effective bearing area of the air column in the inner cavity increases, and the bearing capacity of the spring increases.  


  • The air spring is curved bag structure, the number of curved bag is usually 1 to 3, but according to the need can also be designed and manufactured into sleeve type, membrane type, belt type air spring, can also be used in a certain condition two capsule type air spring superposition.


  • The main working principle of the Air Suspension Compressure: The screw compressor uses a pair of intermeshing female and male rotors to achieve continuous air suction, compression, and exhaust processes. The active rotor has 5 spirals, and the driven rotor has 6 tooth grooves. The unique tooth profile can produce high compression efficiency.


  • At present, the most customers care about malfunctions and flooding problems. In addition, the indirect problems caused by full water are metal corrosion and electrical disconnection. Therefore, the requirements for the rubber sleeve are particularly strict


  • Automobile Air Strut are called buffers, which control undesired spring movement through a process called damping. The shock absorber slows down and attenuates the magnitude of vibratory movement by converting the kinetic energy of suspension movement into heat energy that can be dissipated by hydraulic oil. To understand Air Strut's working principle, it is best to look at the internal structure and function of the shock absorber. The shock absorber is basically an oil pump placed between the frame and the wheels. The upper support of the shock absorber is connected to the frame (that is, the sprung mass), and the lower support is connected to the shaft near the wheel (that is, the unsprung mass). In the double-cylinder design, one of the most common types of shock absorbers is that the upper support is connected to the piston rod, the piston rod is connected to the piston, and the piston is located in a cylinder filled with hydraulic oil.


  • The air suspension is usually installed on some high-end SUVs. In the shock absorber, the airbag is used to replace the spring. According to the collected road condition signals, the ECU controls the air compressor and the exhaust valve to adjust the spring air pressure to achieve changes.