Industry Information

Air Strut replacement cycle and purchase

1. Before purchasing the product in Air Strut, please be sure to check the car model, displacement and other information to ensure that you buy the correct type of accessories. You can check the car care manual.
2. There are four dampers on each car, which are front left, front right, rear left and rear right. If the damper needs to be replaced, it is best to change two at a time. There is a front or rear damper. When the problem is solved, it is necessary to reduce the front or the rear shock absorber and replace it with the first steam to avoid the uneven balance of the load on the vehicle, resulting in different stress on the shock absorber and the problem of the shock absorber.
3, Air Strut chooses quality products. Although the counterfeit damper is inexpensive, its life is less than half that of the original damper. In the process of stretching, oil leakage may occur due to poor sealing, and the oil body leakage will not be able to reduce vibration, and a serious bump will occur when driving. What's more, it will suddenly fail during high-speed driving, causing the body to tilt, and the safety of people and vehicles will be seriously threatened.