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Air Suspension System You Don’t Know


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Air suspension is an advanced product popular in the automobile industry of today's developed countries. In developed countries, almost 100% of medium-sized passenger cars and above use air suspension, and more than 40% of trucks and tractors also use air suspension. Its biggest advantage: not only can improve the riding comfort of the occupants, but also plays an important role in protecting the road.

The air suspension system includes an air compressor, an accumulator, a control unit, front and rear axle body height sensors, three body acceleration sensors in different directions, four air spring extension acceleration sensors, and so on. The air suspension is divided into passive and electronic control. The electronically controlled air suspension adds a control unit on the basis of the passive air suspension. In this way, the active adjustment of the suspension system stiffness, damping and body height can be achieved, which can greatly improve the handling stability and riding comfort.

The air suspension actually refers to a suspension using an air spring. Unlike the traditional coil spring, the air spring is a spring made of air with the compression elasticity of the air, and the coil spring is made of Features of elastic deformation of metal materials. The working principle of the air suspension is to use the air compressor to form compressed air, and send the compressed air to the air chamber of the spring and shock absorber to change the height of the vehicle. Near the front and rear wheels, there is a level sensor. According to the output signal of the level sensor, the air suspension control unit determines the change of the body height, and then controls the compressor and the exhaust valve to compress or extend the spring, thereby Play the effect of shock absorption.

Air suspension has become a popular culture, whether ordinary cars, trucks, or even motorcycles may be equipped with air springs. These adjustable suspensions allow the vehicle to have a very low ground clearance, and can raise the body to increase the passing rate when passing obstacles or climbing hills. The current air suspension system usually uses a small electric motor or an engine to drive the air compressor to pre-compress the air for the air storage tank, which directly saves the time of compressed air when the suspension needs to be adjusted. The size of the gas storage tank is strictly calculated and involves the output of the air compressor, standard atmospheric pressure and compression pressure.