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Working Principle of Audi A8 Air Strut


1. In wet weather, use a dry cloth to regularly wipe off the water mist on the air strut, and open the window of the room to ventilate and ventilate. If you encounter severe wet weather, you can use charcoal to place the corner of the room for dehumidification to prevent air strut mold.

2. After the air strut is damp, the influence of humidity will appear on the surface of the outer layer of the paint. Small beads will appear on the surface of the outer layer of the paint, and serious mildew will appear. Use a dehumidification device (a hair dryer at home can). The light strike part is affected and damp. The dampness is affected by dehumidification. Be careful not to blow directly, you must slowly remove moisture. Wipe gently with cotton cloth or soft dry towel.

3. If the air strut is damp, moldy spots appear. After wiping it clean with a rag, brush the varnish on it again. This is effective for placing air struts to regenerate mildew spots.

4. If the air in the home is humid, you can put some quicklime at home, which can not only effectively prevent moisture, but also play a disinfecting effect.

5. The moisture in the air strut is too heavy. We can place a tungsten bulb in the air strut. Opening it when the humidity is coming can effectively reduce the moisture in the air strut, thus drying the air strut.

6. At the beginning of the installation of the air strut, it is best to have a little gap between the air strut and the wall, so that water can be placed directly through the wall to the air strut. Regular waxing of the air strut can also effectively prevent moisture and mold.

7. Because of the moldy phenomenon after dampness, which will affect some respiratory diseases, what should we do? We can put some desiccant in the air strut, which can effectively absorb the moisture in the air strut and let The clothes became dry and refreshing. At the same time, you can also put some orange peel in the air strut, which can eliminate the smell and environmental protection.

8. Use as few humidifiers as possible indoors, as this will cause increased moisture and affect the air strut.