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What Are The Benefits of Air Suspension


Air Suspension

So what are the benefits of air suspension?

One of the advantages of air suspension is that it can automatically adjust the softness and rigidity of the spring. When driving at high speed, the suspension will automatically become hard, so as to bring better support to the vehicle and make the vehicle more stable. When driving at low speed for a long time, the suspension will automatically become softer to bring better comfort to the occupants. In other words, it can bend and stretch.

The air suspension also allows the vehicle to have better maneuverability. At the same time, it also helps to automatically maintain the level of the car body, which makes the car body easier to control. The air suspension also incorporates the traditional chassis automatic lifting technology to ensure better stability when driving at high speed, and to increase passability at low speed.

Generally speaking, the more advanced things have higher costs and higher natural prices. Although the technology is constantly improving and the cost of air suspension is constantly decreasing, compared with the common spring suspension, its cost is still relatively high, and it is difficult to popularize it in low-end cars. Moreover, the more precise things are, the more likely they are to be damaged, and the air suspension is no exception. If there is a problem with the sealing of the relevant parts, the entire system will be paralyzed. Also, if the height of the chassis is adjusted frequently, the air pump system may overheat locally, shortening its life.